between bowler hats and köttbullar

Mein Au Pair Jahr in Großbritannien


Calling all current and former Au Pairs!

Good evening everyone. I hope you had a lovely day. I am planning my final bloog post about beeing an Au Pair, and because it is boring to hear/read just one persons opinion I would like to ask you to awnser these three questions down in the comments or pm me if you like to share your point of view. If you like you can add your age, name and a social media link ( e.g instagram, twitter, etc) but just if you like to. Maybe you want to participate but anonymously, then just add that.
1. What did you learn from being an Au Pair?
2. Would you recommend it to others? Yes/No and why?
3. What did you like the most, or not at all about beeing an Au Pair?
Thank you for participating, I am courious to read your "stories"
Have a wonderful evening :)